Transcend Spa and Wellness offers premium facials that will cater for all individuals and skin types. We have a variety of options available for our clients, so please discuss with our helpful therapists to find the best option for you.

BABOR facials

Lifting Collagen Booster
75 minutes — $125
Incredibly plumping and hydrating, the Doctor BABOR collagen fleece is designed to deliver an intense surge of hydration to the skin’s surface & minimise those pesky age lines. Collagen is a ‘must have’ for ageing skin!

Skinovage Solution
60 minutes — $90
Power packed with botanicals, this customised facial is for every skin providing a healthy and radiant feel. A great introduction to active skin facials.

Skin Renewal Treatment
45 minutes — $80
The ULTIMATE in skin brightening, the Doctor BABOR peel accelerates the skin’s renewal process using a Hydroxy Acid blend to reduce fine lines and smooth the surface. Excellent in treating sunspots, uneven skin tone & dull complexions. A perfect ‘party skin partner’ to make sure you’re looking glowing and refreshed.

Ampoule Infusion
30 minutes — $60
These High Performing concentrates add a burst of life back to the skin. Quick and effective, ampoules offer immediate visible youthful effects!

Men’s Skin Fitness
60 minutes — $90
Specially tailored for men, based on skin type and condition.

Men's Refreshing Face 
45 minutes — $75
A quick ‘pick-me-up’ facial for men.


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